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Period 2 - Language Arts
Period 3 - Language Arts
Period 4 - Math
Period 5 - Planning
Period 6 - Math
Period 7 - Study Skills/Planning

Month of June:

Language Arts:

Period 2: The class read aloud novel is: "Dog's Don't Tell Jokes" by Louis Sachar. Students will be working on a unit that goes with the story. The unit covers the concepts of character relationships, conflict, predicting, and theme. They will continue working on  decoding skills from the "Rewards" reading program to improve reading fluency. Students are also writing multi paragraph research papers about a topic they are interested in. 

Period 3: The class read aloud novel is: "The Great Gilly Hopkins" by Katherine Paterson. Students will be working on a unit that goes with the story. The unit covers the concepts of character, plot, cause and effect, predicting, and theme. Students will also work on writing multi sentence paragraphs. We have started the "SRA B1 Decoding Strategies" reading program to improve reading fluency and students are earning class points for reading accurately and answering comprehension questions correctly. 

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Period 4: Students are working from the Math Mammoth program. Students have are finishing chapter 8: Integers. In this chapter, students are introduced to integers, the coordinate plane in all four quadrants, integer addition,subtraction, multiplication, and division, and graphing equations. After this unit, they will start a unit on probability.

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Period 6: Students are working from the Transitional Mathematics math program: Making Sense of Rational Numbers. They are finishing Unit 8 which is on percents. They will learn what a percent is, how to compare percents with fractions and decimals, how to round percents, how to make circle graphs using percents, and how to solve story problems containing percents. This is the last unit in the book. After taking the unit test, they will be working form Transitional Mathematics math program: Understanding Algebraic Expressions. 
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Period 7: Students need to come to class prepared to work. This is a class to get extra help and time to finish assignments. It is not a free time class. If a student refuses to work, parents will be notified for a meeting. Students who are not in this class as an elective may come as needed after checking in with their elective teacher.