Mrs. Niemi's Classroom


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Schedule for the 2017/18 School Year:

Period 1 - Language Arts Support in Gen. Education Classes.
Period 2 - Language Arts Room 116
Period 3 - Math Room 116
Period 4 - Planning
Period 5 - Math Room 116
Period 6 - Social Skills in Library (Study Skills will be with  
                  in room 116)

Month of September:
*During the first week we will be concentrating on class/school procedures, expectations and relationship building. Instruction in subject matter will begin on September 11.

Period 2: 

Language Arts:

We will be using the READ 180 curriculum. After a whole group lesson, students will rotate between small group learning, student application time on the computer at their level, and independent reading at their level. Students will take a reading inventory on the computer which will determine their reading level for their independent instruction and reading choices. The first whole group workshop is called "Getting Started". It focuses on building an academic community. Students will investigate what it means to have a growth mindset and writing will focus on setting goals and creating action steps for achieving their goals.

Although writing is part of READ 180, students will also be using tools from the Step Up to Writing program to improve their writing skills.

Periods 3 and 5

We are starting the year with 3 weeks of  lessons from You Cubed. It is a program form Stanford University called Week of Inspirational Math Lessons

Period 6: 

Study Skills:
Students need to come to class prepared to work. This is a class to get extra help and time to finish assignments. It is not a free time class. If a student refuses to work, parents will be notified for a meeting. Students who are not in this class as an elective may come as needed after checking in with their elective teacher.

Social Skills:
This is class is designed to improve the social, emotional, and academic skills of students and strengthen relationships between students, peers, and teachers. The curriculum "School Connect" is built upon 5 social and emotional competency areas: social awareness, self awareness, self management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. This is a semester class. If after the semester students are showing growth in behavior skills they can then either move to an elective class or they can go to study skills if they are failing classes.