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Welcome to Room 203 - Where we learn with Enthusiasm and Determination!
Algebra, 8th Grade Math, and Lego Robotics

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I enjoy reading, traveling, gardening, and outdoor activities!

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~Classroom Quote of the Week~

"Fear sometimes stops you from doing stupid things.  But it can also stop you from doing creative or exciting or experimental things.  It can cloud your judgment of others, and lead to all kinds of evil.  The control and understanding of our personal fears is one of the most important undertakings in our life. "
                - Helen Mirren

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Room 203

This week in...

Algebra: We will complete our work with dilations and move into angle relationships.

Math: We continue to work with scale factor and dilations. We plan to head into angle relationships towards the end of the week.

Ask your child to share what he/she is learning.

Lego Robotics offers students the opportunity to build and program to reach objectives. We are using sensors (light, sound, motion, and touch) to explore surroundings.