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Algebra, 8th Grade Math, and Lego Robotics

I enjoy reading, traveling, gardening, and outdoor activities!

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~I am frequently available after school to help your child. Please let me know a day ahead if possible.  If I'm here, I will help your child at anytime!

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"You can't give up! If you give up, you're like everybody else."
                - Chris Evert

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This week in...

Algebra: We will review proportional reasoning to solve for unit rates, conversions, and percents this week.
Math:  We will work reviewing solving two-step equations. We begin the Big Race activity that helps introduce multiple representations in the form of graphs, tables, and linear equations.  It also introduces slope.

Ask your child to share what he/she is learning.

Lego Robotics offers students the opportunity to build and program to reach objectives. We are using sensors (light, sound, motion, and touch) to explore surroundings.