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4th Quarter 


2 more weeks until Summer Break. 

This next week students will be creating Greek Mythology Trading Cards to illustrate their comprehension of our mythology texts. They should create six cards in all. Students have a direction and scoring rubric page, please check it out for further info. on this project. Trading Cards are DUE on June 10th to allow for grading and return before school is out. 

June 10th is the Last day I am accepting late or missing work. Please be checking Skyward with your student to identify any concerns. 


This week we are wrapping up our Myth World Quest. Students have been collecting quotes from there reading to support their ideas about the various gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters they have encountered. They will be using this evidence starting Friday as they create trading cards for their chosen gods, heroes, or monsters.

Also, this week we will have our final Aimsweb testing. This is a type of progress check and does not affect the student's grades.

Library books are due in May 31st.


First I want to share that my grade book is current with all submitted revisions and Lit. Circle grades. Anything marked missing is indeed missing. 

In class, we are exploring the world and stories of Greek mythology. Students are currently reading and collecting text evidence about various gods and goddesses, heroes, and monsters. They will use their evidence in short quick write assignments. 

Lit. Circles- students should be reading the last couple of chapters this week. On Friday, they will have an End of Novel Quiz. Library books need to be returned by May 31st. 

17 days of school left. The last day I am accepting late or missing work is June 10th. 


This week students have the ability to revise their Personal Narratives for grade improvement. We will work on this in class on Monday. In this process, students are also able to improve their Writing Process grade by working through the revisions portion of their packet. 

Again please check in on your students weekly reading and Lit. Circle job. These should be completed before class on Friday. 


We are Smarter Balance testing again this week in lang. class. Students are working hard and I am so happy to see them taking their time and not just rushing through. 

Going into the grade book this weekend is the Personal Narrative. Revisions will be offered so students can learn from their mistakes. We will also be starting a brief unit on mythology. Fridays are still Lit. Circles so please keep checking in with your students progress on that. They should have their weekly section of reading done and their job worksheet completed for class on Friday. 


Hello All,

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some grading I have going on. Students recently had a personal narrative writing assignment due. This project generated two grades: one for the writing process which entailed daily mini-lesson worksheets done together in class; one for the personal narrative story. Because writing takes longer to grade, I have marked in Skyward if the work was submitted. Again, the writing process grade is papers students should have turned in, and the personal narrative story was a Google Doc they should have shared to me. 

Hope this helps!

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