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3rd Quater begins!


Last Wednesday we reviewed The Wolf Within organizer and students had the opportunity to revise and resubmit for grade improvement. I will be grading those this week. Also, those students who were missing this assignment, this is their chance to turn in for a grade.

We are continuing our evaluating sources work, this week our focus is on how to avoid plagiarism bu citing sources or paraphrasing. 


Notice- Students have an Independent Reading Book they are responsible for reading each week. Many students had not read their required number of pages last week and are now behind. Please check in with your student. Ask them what they are reading, what is happening in their book, etc... Each week students write a written response for their reading in a reading response journal. These are based on guiding questions I provide. Their Reading Response Journal is in Google Classroom. Have your student share theirs with you. They can access it from home. 

Otherwise, in the classroom, we are moving back into our Amplify curriculum this week. We will be learning ways to evaluate sources to determine whether they are credible or not.   


This week we are continuing reading informational texts. We are wrapping up our unit on finding the central idea, supporting details, and summarizing. These skills will not go away but will be put to work in our next Amplify Unit centered around chocolate. A fitting topic here at Valentine's Day. We will start the unit by evaluating sources. Real news or fake news? What to look for and how to determine credible sources. From there, we will learn about the history of chocolate through some interesting texts. 

1/29- 2/1

This week starts 3rd Quarter which means keep an eye out for 1st Semester Report Cards. 

In language arts, we are currently working on reading informational texts, strategies to help us identify the central idea of the text, and the supporting details. This can be difficult as students tend to focus on a small detail rather than what the whole text is about. As we continue our work with the central idea, we are going to partner it with summary writing. Our goal is to read the text, identify the central idea and supporting details. Then use those details to write a concise summary. 

We are also going to start an Independent Reading Project.
Students will be selecting an independent reading book to read, take notes, and write a culminating literary letter. The note-taking and end letter are all structured by templates and examples. The project will be progressive with specific parts having deadlines throughout this quarter. Please, check in with your student frequently and help them stay on track. Also, have them show you the note-taking template as it will have the Due Date for each section.

Last Week of 2nd Quarter:


The last week of the Semester is here. That means report cards will be soon to follow. I am working to get all the odds & ends of grading finished up this weekend. If you have questions about anything your student is missing please contact me. Also, a heads up that many students will have schedule changes starting 3rd Quarter. 

We do have a change in our scheduled classroom curriculum. After reviewing our Interim/IAB & Aimsweb test results, I have decided we need to shift over and do some work with informational texts. So, we began last week working on identifying the central idea of a text and the supporting details. We will continue this and work into using these details to help us write a concise summary. 


Happy 2019! We are starting off this new year with some skill review that we will need for revising our Unit 1 Essays. We will start with sentences- looking at complete sentences, run-ons, and fragments. This will help us identify mistakes in our essays. We will also practice using and citing direct quotes as evidence. Again helping us revise our essays. Revised Essays are DUE Friday 1/11.

The end of next week finds us taking our mid-year AimsWeb test. Monday the 14th we will take a practice Smarter Balance test on reading informational texts. The data from these tests will be used to identify gaps in students' knowledge and thus guide teacher lesson planning. 

Following these testing days, we will be preparing for our next unit- Tom and Sherlock. This unit's focal skills are tracking and comparing characters, using inference to determine character traits, and providing text evidence (direct quotes) as support. 

Please note that the end of the 1st Semester is drawing near- Jan. 25th. Please help keep your student on track and taking care of missing work. 

Week of 12/10 & 12/17

We are wrapping up Unit 1 Dahl and Narrative. In the next week and a half, we will be working our way through the End of Unit Essay. We will work in stages starting with Brainstorming, Body Paragraphs, Introduction, Conclusion, Revision, and Editing. The final essay is DUE 12/21.  This will be written as a Google Doc and then pasted into our Amplify platform for grading. 

Week of 12/3

The end of Unit 1 is fast approaching. In the upcoming week, we will really hone in on supporting our ideas with evidence from the text and then revising our writing. This is in preparation for the end of the unit essay. The essay serves as students final assessment for the skills worked all throughout this unit; providing evidence, use of direct quotes as support, proper formatting for citing quotes, and proper format of dialogue. 

Week of 11/26

Happy Holidays Everyone! This year is flying by! 

This week we continue looking at how dialogue and narration contribute to a story. We analyze these elements within Dahl's story and then practice it within our own writing. We are specifically working on how to format dialogue in our own writing, and using dialogue to show what a character is like. 

Going into the Gradebook over the break was:
  • Lesson 7 Dialogue Writing
  • Reading Comprehension Solos for Lessons 5,6, & 7- this is an averaged grade for the three lessons. Missing Solos are indicated in Skyward. These will be the focus of a work day later this week. 
  • Vocab will be going in next week. Amplify had a change in their system and many students did not have vocab words available. That has been fixed and Vocab grades will resume next week. 

Week of 11/19

One quick word about last week's Quiz- students may improve their grade by completing practice worksheets. These have been disgusted and are available in class. It is the students' responsibility to get it. Also, this is due on Wednesday. I will not accept them after. 

This week we will take a look at dialogue. How it contributes to and moves the story along. We will also start working on how to use and properly format dialogue in our own writing. 

Week of 11/13

As 2nd Quarter begins, we are back in our Amplify curriculum. The skill we are working on this week is using quotes as evidence. This includes properly citing and formatting our quotes. We will start the week with a review of this skill. Students will then have a chance to revise and fix Lesson 5. 

Going into the grade book will be last week's One-Pager project for our author visit and reading of Secrets of the Tally as well as the revised grade for Quoting and Citing Evidence.

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Vocabulary Grades can be interpreted like this:

10- well above standard
9- above standard
8- at standard
7- below standard

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