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4th Quarter 


New Independent Reading! Students have a new reading project for this quarter. These come in the form of Literary Circles. How it works:
  • Students are responsible each week for reading a set amount of their book. Each student wrote this on their meeting schedule paper- you can have your student show you theirs so that you know how much they need to read each week. 
  • Also, each week students have a group role. Roles will change each week. This means as they read, they need to complete their role's worksheet. The worksheet needs to be completed before their weekly Lit. Circle meeting (typically Friday). 
  • Students are to be prepared for their Lit. Circle meeting having read their chapters and completed their role worksheet. They will then meet with their book's group where they will share and discuss the week's reading and what they found important with their role. 
  • Students will self-assess their work and turn in their role worksheet for a weekly grade. 
  • At the completion of their book, groups will have a final project. 

Students are also working on writing a Personal Narrative. This is a true story from their own lives. It focuses on a small moment. As we are writing each day we focus on a different feature of this type of writing: dialogue, descriptions, voice, transitions, sequencing. Students then incorporate that feature into their story. These are being written in Google Docs, students can work and access these at home. These will be DUE on MONDAY. 

A HEADS UP! Smarter Balance testing is coming up. Monday, March 29th begins testing language arts. This will take 2 weeks and students will only be testing in their language class period. They will have regular classes in all other subjects. Students should BRING EARBUDS or HEADPHONES if possible. 

Contact Information:
Phone: 360-501-2920 ext 2217

Vocabulary Grades can be interpreted like this:

10- well above standard
9- above standard
8- at standard
7- below standard

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