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Week of 1/16

We are coming into the closing stretch for 2nd Quarter and the 1st Semester. Students need to be mindful of submitting any possible missing work or make-up tests. Posted on the board this past week is the reminders:
  • Last Day for any missing work is Wed.
  • Friday is the due date for the Novel Choice Board Projects
  • Last Friday was the due date for BNB Quiz Corrections- corrections WILL NOT be accepted after that.
This week we will continue our in-class reading of BNB. Our focus is on using various reading strategies:
note taking

Toward the end of the week we will have some work time for our Novel Choice Project but students should be mainly working on this as homework.

Week of 1/3

Happy New Year Everyone! 

The end of the 2nd Quarter is rapidly approaching, 1/25. Students need to be mindful of this and submit any missing work that is still being accepted, these include: 
  • Personal Narrative Write. This is a one page personal story about "What is a day you will never forget?" 
  • Figurative Language worksheet for Bud, Not Buddy
  • Suitcase activity for Bud, Not Buddy
  • Word Origins worksheet for Bud, Not Buddy
  • Reading Responses- can be for new Independent Reading book or Bud, Not Buddy

We will continue reading Bud, Not Buddy. Wednesday will be a review with an open book Quiz on Thursday. The quiz will contain questions created by students in our work on Costa's Levels of Questions. 

Hopefully students were responsible and read on their Independent Reading over the break. The Choice Board Projects that go with this book are Due 1/19.

Week of 12/18

So, a status check on grading and assignments. All One Pagers have been graded and are in Skyward. They were due 12/11 and Friday was the last day I was accepting them. Context Clues #1 likewise, has been graded and entered, and I am no longer accepting. Context Clues #2- Monday is the last day I am accepting. Reading Response entries have been compiled into a grade, and I have posted how many additional entries students need for a perfect score. These can be written for students new reading book or our class novel Bud, Not Buddy. 

This week we are continuing to read Bud, Not Buddy, and then use it to practice a variety of skills. These include identifying figurative language, using context clues, and building vocabulary through word origins.

I am happy to see many students have really dove into their new Independent Reading Book and Novel Choice Board Project. 

Week of 12/11

Midterm Progress Reports are going home Monday the 11th. Please be on the lookout for these. 

As you can see on Skyward there are several grades that I am currently in the process of grading and entering. 

We have several projects in the works. First, we have started reading our in-class novel, Bud, Not Buddy. Also, students have a new Independent Reading Book and project (see previous post). Reading Responses are not required for the new book, however students may choose to continue with Reading Responses. I am compiling student's scores for Reading Responses #3 & 4 into a single grade. This single grade will be entered into the grade book. I have told students if they wish to improve this grade they can continue with Reading Responses. 

We are continuing to work on using Context Clues strategies to help figure out unfamiliar words while reading. 

Week of 12/4

Greeting Everyone! This week we will continue working on Context Clues. Students will have a chance to redo/fix-up last week's homework as well as work on a new sheet of clues. The redone work will be due on Friday with the new homework.

One Pager's for Independent Reading Books are DUE 12/11. Students have had two months to read and complete this project. Students have a new Independent Reading Book. The project that goes along with this is a Novel Choice Board

We will start a new in-class novel, Bud,Not Buddy.  We will begin by establishing knowledge of The Great Depression and the Author. 

Week of 11/26

This week we will take a look at Context Clues or sources of information we can use to helps us figure out unfamiliar words. We will spend most of the week taking a Smarter Balance Interim Test. This is a practice test. 

As far as reading responses go students will have the week off from these. They should have their Independent Reading Book finished and on to the final One Pager project that is due on Dec. 11th. Friday we will checkout a new Independent Reading Book and reading responses will resume.

Week of 11/20

This week we will continue to work on finding theme in texts. This can be a very challenging for many students. We will also write a quick narrative write as a review. 

Students should be finishing up their Independent Reading Books over the Thanksgiving Break. They are expected to begin their final project for the book called a One Pager when they return. This something they can work on at home as well as at school. The One Pager is due Dec. 11th. In the meantime, we will be checkout their next independent reading book. 

Week of 11/13

This week starts a new Quarter. I am finishing grading odds and ends of late assignments, as well as, our Seedfolks novel. Final Grades will be posted next week. 

This week we will be working on using Context Clues to help us figure out unfamiliar words while reading, as well as, learning to determine the theme of a text. 

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  • 10/30 - 11/3 Conference Week 12:10 release 
  • 11/9 END of 1st Quarter
  • 11/10 No School- Veteran's Day
  • 12/11 MidTerm Progress Reports
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