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Week of 10/15

First off I would like to explain the Vocabulary grade. You may have noticed a change in your student's grade. I changed the grade from a percentage based grade to a standards-based grade. The new grade can be interpreted like this:

10- well above standard
9- above standard
8- at standard
7- below standard

One reason for this change is that students are engaged and working so, I did not feel that they should be penalized for not mastering words. If for some reason your student receives a failing grade on this it means that student was very noticeably not working.

Next, grades going into the grade book are end-of-lesson SOLOs. These are typically multiple choice questions that check for reading comprehension as well as a short written response question. We walk through and review these after all have been graded and discuss strategies to best find our answers for future Solos. 

This week we will continue our reading of BOY. Notice that on Wednesday we will be revising last Friday's written portion of the Solo. This will be a means of learning from our mistakes and can be a grade improvement for that assignment. 

On another note, Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up the end of the month. Sign up for that is now available in Skyward. Parents will be conferencing with their student's first-period teacher only. Please be sure to sign up. 

Week of 10/8

Last Friday marked the Mid Quarter. So, students were given an up-to-date progress report. They also were required to go back and revisit a goal setting assignment from the beginning of school. (These can be accessed from your student's Google Classroom account.) After reflecting on their grades and goals, students were asked to add a written reflection to their goal setting sheet. Hopefully, this will help them see and realize things they need to work on and behaviors that may need to be changed. Please ask them to open up their goal setting sheet and share it with you. 

Coming up this week, we will continue reading and working with our Dahl Unit on focusing on a small moment noticing and annotating details the author used that grabs our attention. We will also be writing about our own small moment working on our personal narrative writing skills.

Grades this week will come from a set of reading comprehension questions and a writing assignment. 

Week of 10/1

Last week we began reading our first text and answered our first set of comprehension questions. This is a little different process than students may have had before, and so this first set we are going to review as practice. Future ones will go into the grade book. Also this week we will start learning to annotate our texts. That is making notes about our thoughts, feelings, questions, and connections to the text. Wednesday we will revisit our descriptive writing for another quick write activity. At the end of the week, we will be revisiting the goals we set at the beginning of the semester. We will check our current grades and reflect on how we are doing and what are some next steps to make. Please keep an eye on our classroom calendar for daily topics and assignment due dates.

Week of 9/24

Last week we looked at and practiced narrowing and focusing on a small moment to write about. We worked on describing that one small moment with vivid describing words, so to paint our readers a picture. As we worked, we brainstormed ideas and looked at good student examples, discussing what details were good and what could be added to make the writing stronger.  We ended the week with students performing a quick write to be graded and go into the gradebook. So, look for that this week. 

This week we will start by reviewing narrative writing and then move on to our first literature-based unit featuring Ronald Dahl. 

Please note that last Friday was the last day for students to turn in the Parts of Speech worksheet. I am no longer accepting these to grade. 

Week of 9/17

Last week we spent getting to know a variety of digital learning platforms that we will be using this year. We learned how to login, where to go to find assignments, and practiced the skills necessary for each. This week we will continue this initial settling in as well as work through a review unit focused on narrative writing. Check out the Classroom Calendar to find out assignment due dates and the focus of daily work.

Week of 9/9

After spending last week getting to know each other and settling in, this week we will begin the real work. For Langauge Arts, we will finish up setting goals for this semester and do some initial reading comprehension work to help pinpoint areas we will need to focus on. We will also start learning to navigate this year's digital curriculum, Amplify. 

 Week of 9/4

Hello and Welcome to 6th Grade! These are exciting days as students move from the elementary school to the middle school. I am super excited to meet everyone. I know we will have a great year. 

Parents, please be on the lookout for syllabuses coming home from each class. These will need to be signed and returned. 


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