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  •  Corrections require the original worksheet, and the new worksheet to be stapled and turned in.
  • Note that I have taken the requirement that correction work have a Pink Slip. Pink Slips are now only used for late and missing assignments. I am trying to remember to mark this in the comments section on Skyward. 
  • 5/15 - Students will receive a progress report to be signed and returned
  • 4/10- Students will receive a  progress report to be signed and returned
  • 2/13- students will receive a progress report to be signed and returned.
  • 2/27- students will receive a progress report to be signed and returned.

Contact Information:
Phone: 360-501-2920 ext 2217


This week closes a great school  year. Lockers have been cleaned out, assignments handed back, and tomorrow annuals will be signed. I am so proud of how hard students have worked and grown. Thank you for sharing your child with me.  

The Summer Reading Challenge went home with students last Friday. This is a choice activity and will not be graded as an assignment for next school year. I hope you encourage your child to participate as reading is an important element of learning. Have a great Summer!


The last full week of school! The Summer Countdown is on! We are finishing up our end of novel Midwife's Apprentice test on Monday. The remainder of the week we are looking at film as literature with the movie Call It Courage which was one of our 6th grade 100 book choices. We will be collecting and discussing characters, conflict, and theme. 

The LAST DAY for MISSING WORK is Monday June 12th. The last day to turn in the extra credit Letter to Next Years 6th graders is Thursday June 15th. 

This has been a fabulous year, students have worked hard and I would just like to say "Thank you" for supporting your student on the home-front. 

This week finds us wrapping up our in-class novel. We will have our end of book test on Friday or Monday depending on class period.  Also please note the LAST DAY for MISSING WORK is June 12th. 

Greeting all, this last week of May has us continuing reading our in-class novel. Every day after reading students are given time to collect and add information to their packet. This is a short novel and we will finish it up next week, and take our end of book test. Exact date yet to be determined. If your student needs extra help/time I am available Wednesday morning before school. They can make arrangements with me to come in. 


This week finds us beginning our reading of The Midwife's Apprentice. Students will have a packet of activities to complete as we read. 

This is our last week of state testing. Thanks for getting your student to school prepared. 

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