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Week of 11/20

This week we will continue to work on finding theme in texts. This can be a very challenging for many students. We will also write a quick narrative write as a review. 

Students should be finishing up their Independent Reading Books over the Thanksgiving Break. They are expected to begin their final project for the book called a One Pager when they return. This something they can work on at home as well as at school. The One Pager is due Dec. 11th. In the meantime, we will be checkout their next independent reading book. 

Week of 11/13

This week starts a new Quarter. I am finishing grading odds and ends of late assignments, as well as, our Seedfolks novel. Final Grades will be posted next week. 

This week we will be working on using Context Clues to help us figure out unfamiliar words while reading, as well as, learning to determine the theme of a text. 

Week of 11/6

First, I would like to say "Thank You" for making the time  to attend Parent-Teacher Conferences. A very important piece of creating a successful learning environment is communication between home and school. 

Next, this week marks the last week of 1st Quarter. Teachers will be finishing up grading and adding final grades to their grade books.  Keep an eye out. 

In Language Arts class, I am still in the process of grading Comic to Narrative stories. I have 1st and 2nd periods graded and in Skyward. I am grading on 3rd and 4th.   
This week, we are finishing Seedfolks and doing some review activities in preparation for the end of novel test. The test is open book/open note on Thursday. There is NO SCHOOL on FRIDAY! 

Week of 10/30- Parent Teacher Conference Week!

Because of the crazy schedule this week, our main focus will be finishing our in-class novel Seedfolks and reading our independent reading books. Students need to make sure they are reading as the November 27th deadline for this first independent reading book will be here before we know it. Many students have finish this first book and are starting their One Pager project that goes along with the book. 

The 1st Quarter is rapidly coming to an end. November 9th is the last day. 

Week of 10/23 update- 

So, as I was beginning to grade the Comic to Narrative Story, I noticed that students really needed to edit for capitals and punctuation. To accomplish this, I handed back the Comic and Story along with a checklist. The revised assignment is due Thursday. I am not accepting late assignments, so students really need to be mindful of completing and turning in their work. 

Week of 10/23

Just to clarify questions on missing homework:
All RACE #3 "We Failed" article assignments are graded and grades are posted. This was a previous homework assignment that many students misunderstood the directions, so I reassigned. 

The Comic to Narrative Story was due at the end of class today (Friday 10/20). I will be working to grade these over the next week.

My turn in boxes are empty, except for the comics and Letter revisions which I still working on. 

This coming week we are going to review story elements again and take a quiz on Thursday. Please remind your student to study. Also, Reading Response Check #2 will be on Thursday. Students are responsible for  3-4 entries between 10/16-10/26. 

Week of 10/16

First thing- Please check with your student on their Reading Response Entries. Students are responsible for two entries a week. Many students did Not have these on last Friday's journal check.

There should be many new or revised grades going into the grade book this week: a quiz, revised Introductory Letter, RACE response #3.  

I am out on Monday (10/16), but students are continuing a writing project we started last Friday. They brainstormed a "Day in the Life of   ".  comic strip to create. They will use this comic as a base for a narrative (story) writing assignment. This project is a warm up for a larger narrative writing assignment, we will begin later in the week. 

Week of 10/9

Mid-Term Progress Reports were given to students Friday. Please sign and have your student return to their 1st period teacher.  

In the upcoming week, we will start  taking a closer look at the elements that make up a story, as well as, how authors use strong, vivid words to strengthen their writing. Students will start working to strengthen their own writing using vivid, descriptive word choices.

A note for a few past assignments. Students have the ability to make corrections to the Man's Best Friend and the Adjectives/Adverb assignments for grade improvement. I feel one of the best ways to reinforce learning is through correcting mistakes. Also, students will be getting back their Introductory Letter. Again students will have the ability to revise and improve their grade. Any score on the Letter under 70 is a mandatory revision.

Week of 10/2

This week we are going to shift our focus to story elements and being able to identify and discuss story elements. We will work on using evidence from the text or story to support our thinking. 

Also, we will begin an in -class novel titled Seedfolks. As part of this novel we will be studying story elements, descriptive words, character traits, and dialogue. This unit will take several weeks and end with students creating a character to add to the story. 

Please help your student check Skyward regularly as many students are missing assignments. I generally allow 2 weeks to turn these late assignments in.

Week of 9/25

In the upcoming week, students will be finishing up their Introductory Letter to me (our first writing assignment). We will also spend some time reviewing the RACE strategy and have some independent writing time. 

Week of 9/18

We are off to a super start! I am so impressed with student's knowledge of parts of speech. The RACE strategy is taking a little work to get used to, so you may have noticed the quiz was postponed in order to provide more practice. Please note that our Classroom Calendar is not set in stone, but more of a guideline. We will be using the RACE strategy all year and I wanted to make sure students are getting a good start with it. Next week students will be practicing the RACE strategy on an article as homework. It is due on Friday.

Next week our classroom focus will be an initial writing project- an Introductory Letter. We will be working through the writing process and finishing up by typing our letters. This first writing project will give me an idea of student current writing skills. 

I hope your student is settling in and if they need help it is always available. Please ask.

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  • 10/10 -Introductory Letter Revision for score Improvement
  • 10/30 - 11/3 Conference Week 12:10 release 
  • 11/9 END of 1st Quarter
  • 11/10 No School- Veteran's Day

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