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We love our kids! The special education department at Castle Rock has been hard at work getting ready to serve our students with disabilities in all the schools from preschool to high school and beyond. We believe in the potential of our students to make excellent progress in their academic and social lives. From students with physical disabilities to those with emotional and learning delays, our staff seeks to maintain high expectations and help our students become learners, friends, and citizens. There is a new program at the elementary school called the Stars Center which will encourage behavior skills development and a new Life Skills program for grades 6-12 which will focus on preparing students for independent living as adults. As the new Director for Special Education, I am excited to be on this journey with our staff and students! For any questions, call 360-501-3130.

Diane Hutchison 
Special Education Director

While some students have few learning challenges, others may need assistance. When a concern about a student is linked to the possibility of a disability a referral to the Special Education Department is made. Any person with a concern about a student may refer the student for testing to determine a disability. For information on referring a student contact the Castle Rock School District Special Education Department at 360.501.5413.

Who decides what areas are evaluated for each student?
The evaluation team determines if an assessment is necessary and what areas are to be assessed. This team consists of the building principal, the school psychologist and the special education director. If an assessment is deemed necessary, specialists are responsible for determining if specific testing is appropriate with regard to their specialty. Motor testing is determined by motor team members. Cognitive and behavioral testing is determined by the school psychologist. Speech and language testing is determined by speech language therapists and academic assessments are determined by the special education teacher. All professionals and the parents have input and opinions on the areas of assessment. The consensus of the team is the ultimate determining factor for including or omitting a specific area of assessment.

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Castle Rock School District offers free screening for developmental skills of children five years of age and younger.

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Department Contacts

Diane Hutchison
Director of Special Education
[email protected]

Wendy Lengstorf
[email protected]

Lacy Groh
School Psychologist, EK-5
[email protected]