Highly Capable Program



2021-Hi-Cap testing information to parents

What is a highly capable student?

Washington State law defines a highly capable student (WAC 392-170-035; 036) as someone who exhibits high aptitude in intellectual and/or creative areas, possesses an unusual leadership capacity, or excels in specific academic fields. These students often require services beyond the basic programs provided by schools.

Castle Rock Elementary Highly Capable Students in kindergarten through fifth grade enjoy differentiated instruction within mixed ability classrooms and teachers provide appropriate independent growth opportunities. Highly Capable Students in grades 3-5 are also invited to participate in after school activities taught by a teacher with special knowledge of highly capable students.

Highly Capable Students in grades 6-12 will be placed in challenging courses during the regular school day. These accelerated classes are usually Math, Language or Science. Castle Rock teacher differentiate lessons to meet the student's academic needs.

How does a student enter the Highly Capable Program in Castle Rock?

Anyone can nominate a student in any grade for entrance into the Highly Capable Program. A nomination can be found on our website under HIGHLY CAPABLE or picked up at the District Office.

Hi Cap Procedure


If you have questions or would like to nominate a student for Castle Rock School District's Highly Capable Program, please contact the Highly Capable Program Director at 360-501-3130. Please return the completed nomination package to the Castle Rock School District Office at 600 Huntington Ave. S., Castle Rock, Washington.