Tuition Reimbursement


CREA Professional Agreement Section 24, Page 33.
A. Each bargaining unit member eligible for tuition reimbursement, and who applies by September 15 annually, will be granted tuition reimbursement costs not to exceed the actual cost of tuition. The District shall supply the Association with a list of names and amounts that each bargaining unit member received from the Tuition Reimbursement Pool by November 1.
B. A fund totaling at least $350 x the number of bargaining unit members will be established for tuition reimbursement each year. In the event that the aggregate of all tuition reimbursement payments made in any one year under (A.) above, is less than the available amount for that year, the balance of the fund will be distributed, pro-rated on a credits-earned basis, among those bargaining unit members eligible for tuition reimbursement, not to exceed the actual tuition cost for 15 credit hours of work.
C. The tuition reimbursement program shall specifically include courses for:
1. Obtaining post-graduate degrees (masters, doctorate, or post¬-doctorate).
2. Obtaining vocational certification.
3. Meeting and furthering District goals in the outline for professional growth and development.
4. State approved clock hours at a rate of ten (10) clock hours equal to one (1) credit.
5. Obtaining general continuing education courses.
6. Increasing instructional skills.
7. Obtaining educational endorsements.
The superintendent and/or designee has the authority to accept or reject those courses that are not directly related to increasing the above specifications.



PSE Collective Bargaining Agreement Section 17.2-17.2.2, Page 24.
Section 17.2.
A fund totaling $3,000.00 will be established each year and may be utilized for the following purposes, with prior approval of the administration. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted no later than September 15.
Section 17.2.1.
Expenses and materials for courses of study which would be of mutual benefit to the employee
and the District.
Section 17.2.2.
Purchase of recognized vocational courses from local, state, or national educational institutes.
which would improve the potential of employees subject to this agreement.