Integrated Pest Management Notice

All pesticide application (includes insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and fungicides) made to Castle Rock School District sites will be under the direction of a Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) licensed pest control applicator or operator (PCO) or a licensed public agency operator. Unauthorized faculty and staff are not permitted to use their own pesticide products at any school site or facility. No applications will be made at times that buildings are occupied. Applications will only be made on weekends or vacation periods when schools are unoccupied. Each site has a registration system to notify parents, staff and students who express an interest of proposed pesticide applications. Notices will be given to registered individuals either 48 hours in advance of the application or on the day preceding a weekend or vacation period application. No notices will be sent when tamper-resistant insect or rodent bait stations crack or crevice treatments are used. Pre-notification requirements do not apply to any emergency application for control of any pest hat poses an immediate human health or safety threat, such as an application to control stinging insects. When an emergency application is made, notification consistent with the registration system shall occur as soon as possible after the application. Fur further details on IPM you are welcome to review a copy of the Integrated Pest Management Policy in our administrative offices during regular business hours. Bryan Keatley, Director of Operations, is our designated IPM Coordinator and all inquiries regarding the plan should be directed to him at (360) 501-2209 or [email protected]