Superintendent GreeneA Note from the Desk of Superintendent Greene

Dear Parents:

As we move towards Spring and the freshness that is in the air, I want to connect that to the new feeling that is in our schools.  It is so nice to see students’ smiling faces again.  The students seem really happy.  I am happy to know that we have a resilient bunch of students who are transitioning back to a traditional way of schooling without the state mandates.

We are working towards getting our systems back to the way that they were before the pandemic, but it is going to take some time.  Things like the way that we do breakfast in the morning, we have several staff and procedures in place and we will be transitioning them back to having students in the cafeteria.  I want to remind parents that we are working on these transitions, but it might take some time to get it to where we want it to be.

We are also working on getting things like field trips, assemblies, award ceremonies, spirit days back in the buildings, but like I said before some of these involve a lot of planning which will take some time.  We are working on them and our staff and our administrators are planning with students to provide these activities as soon as we can.

We are excited to once again be offering prom at the high school with the help from the parent group. We are also planning the decision day assembly, the moving-up assembly, the seniors walking through the other schools, and the senior parade.  It is nice to see a combination of old traditions and new traditions that are merging so that our students, especially our seniors, get the best experience that they can.

We are striving to provide the best opportunity for ALL students in the Castle Rock school system.  We will be working tirelessly, making sure that we change with the educational landscape while still sticking with the norms and expectations of our community.  Thanks for all that you do to partner with the school district and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the district office or the school that your child attends

Ryan Greene, Superintendent

Castle Rock School District