Superintendent GreeneA Note from the Desk of Superintendent Greene..

Notes for January 12th- January 18th


  • Tuesday, I wanted to say thank you to Joel McPhetridge for his presentation regarding our technology in the district and the things that he is working on.  It is very exciting to see what he has done and where he is going. Some really cool things are coming our way.

  • Wednesday, I had a meeting with the classified staff to talk to them about the upcoming bond/levy.  This was a great opportunity to get the information in the hand of our staff. They had some great questions and they were very excited to be the first group who saw the mailer that is going out to every Castle Rock resident.  

  • Doris Ellison is doing a fantastic job guiding our district along a very focused path.  Before school started, we brought in Ruben Perez to work with our teachers. He is a professional educator who works with district, all of the United States, to give them the tools to be more mindful about issues.  He specializes in working with district around poverty, student/staff behaviors, and streamlining policy and procedures. Ruben has been back with us for the last couple of days, working in all of our schools. On Thursday he worked with our administrators to help guide the district for the future.  We talked about professional development and a vision for the future. These are all things we will be working on and will start implementing them at the start of the next school year.