Levies and Bonds Team
Posted on 09/15/2021
WE Need YOUPic


As we get our students back in schools, the one thing that is easy to notice is how many more new students we have in our district this year.  Our primary and middle school have more students in them than any time in the last 10-15 years.  We are over 360 students in the middle school with the 8th grade class having close to 140 students in that grade level.  Our primary school has over 100 students in every grade level which hasn't happened in the last 7 years that I have been here.  We love seeing the increase in students, but with the increase in students comes some challenges on spacing.  We are forming a committee to look at using our facilities to meet the increase in enrollment.  We are also asking for community members to join our team to develop a long-term plan for levies and bonds.  If you are interested in helping us solve this complex issue, please email Shawna at [email protected] and give us your contact information.  We would like to start these conversations in the next couple of weeks because we have a EP&O levy on the ballot in February and we will need to submit our proposal to the elections office by the first week in December.  Thank you in advance for being part of this solution and to help be a partner with the district as we try to develop a long term plan that the community will support.  Thanks---Ryan Greene