FAFSA information

FAFSA is the F ree A pplication for F ederal S tudent A id. FAFSA application page click here! (https://fafsa.gov)

FAFSA money is primarily on a first applied, first dispersed process! So don't delay!

Males 18 years and older must be registered for the draft to complete the application. (Registration page) (Or there's a box on the FAFSA that will automatically sign them up for you)

The FAFSA is changing it's ways! Instead of opening January 1st, before most families file their income tax, the application is now open October 1st using the prior years tax info from this past April for last years earnings... More help feel free to contact me (Mrs. Moore) or our counselor Mr. DeGraaf.


*This is money the government has available to assist students attending college. The amount of money awarded can come in many forms, have different interest charges, as well as re-payment plans.

*The application for FAFSA has been changed to be more streamline and involving less corrections once submitted. This year the application is open October 1st.