Professional Learning

Castle Rock School District is committed to professional learning for all instructional staff. We have a group of dedicated teachers and principals who collaboratively serve as the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT). The charge of the ILT is to analyze the professional learning needs of the District and to prepare and present opportunities addressing those needs so our students are provided effective instruction.

The following teachers and principals serve on the ILT:
Primary School- Ada Frandsen, Ashlie Auckland
Intermediate School- Tammy Paget, Lisa Smith
Middle School- Sativa Epperson, Tillie Anglin
High School- Carl Stello, Darla Gillman
Principals- Veronica Heller, Tiffaney Golden
Director- Dr. Doris Ellison

The ILT is currently developing the Castle Rock Professional Development Plan. Once it is completed it will be posted on this webpage, along with professional learning opportunities we will be offering soon.

Weekly Professional Learning

Castle Rock School District provides weekly professional learning for staff during an early release. Meetings will take the form of professional learning; professional learning community discussions; data analysis; intervention planning, etc.


Concordia University - Portland