Top Ten Things to Know About the Bond/Levy

Ten Things to Know About the Facility Bond and Replacement Levy

The facility bond will rebuild and replace Castle Rock Middle School, and remodel Castle Rock Elementary School.

1. Our enrollment has been increasing by 7.5 percent. We have 100 more students this year than we did last year. Our schools are not keeping up with the dynamic growth of our community.

2. Castle Rock has outgrown its facilities. To accommodate a larger number of students, the middle school is now using classrooms that previously housed woodworking and shop classes and has lost the ability to host any school performances in the gym. This has decreased educational and vocational opportunities for students and creates challenges for band and choir performances.

3. With the middle school rebuild, our students will have CTE programs restored, science labs and foreign language options.

4. The middle school rebuild will also make space available not only for school performances, but also for public events after school hours; making this not just a school bond, but also a community bond.

5. Initial plans for the new middle school include shared space for the high school; providing an additional gym, an updated cafeteria and new CTE classrooms for grades 9-12. The shared space allows the two schools to share some teachers, saving money for the district in staffing costs.

6. Safety and security of our students and staff is critical to ensure a safe learning environment. This bond will bring updated security to all our schools.

7. This bond will provide the needed major mechanical, structural, plumbing, and electrical repair work must be made at our elementary school in the 200 and 400 wings. It will also remodel the band/choir room.

8. Parking and traffic flow are issues at our elementary school. With the remodel, our parents will see improved traffic flow and parking.

9. We listened! In the dozens of feedback sessions we’ve held, our community told us they wanted a bond under $35M. The cost of this bond is $34.7M. Payments for the last bond concluded in 2010.

10. A replacement levy is also on the ballot to provide for programs and services not fully funded by the state, like: paraprofessionals for students with special needs, enough teachers to keep class sizes small, custodial services to keep our schools clean, updated curriculum, and Chromebooks for every student.