Superintendent Greene

A Note from the Desk of Superintendent Greene..

Notes for September 15th-September 21th 


  • At our RAT (Rocket Administrative Team) meeting on Tuesday,  we talked about the evaluation process at every level. We need to establish more concrete timelines that everyone is following.  We are working to get everyone trained, either for the first time or a renewed training, on the CEL 5D evaluations that we are using.   

  • We are working together with Bryan Keatley and Jodi Spahn, to create a portable schedule for the next couple of years.  With our enrollment growing at 6-8 percent, we need to start the process of getting our plans in place for next summer.

  • We will have a communication/social media training with ESD 112 every week.  This week we are trying to organize when we are going to launch the tagline (ROCK SOLID) to the community.  We are very happy with the work that ESD 112 has done to get us ready for this launch. With our new Facebook ambassadors at every building, we are trying to highlight all of the wonderful things that are happening in our schools. 

  • I had a meeting with Jennifer Engkraf, the owner of the vault, to discuss me having our monthly “Coffee with the Superintendent” at the vault.  She was happy to provide space for this event. Our first monthly meeting will be on September 27th with special guest, Brooke French. She also suggested that we contact different businesses to see if they would be willing to host also.  I will contact two or three different shops to see if they are interested.



  • The portable is here and tremendous work is being done daily.  On Tuesday, during our Board Meeting, I would encourage some time to walk through the portable to see what it looks like and the great things that are going to be happening in it--- we are very excited.

  • Diane Hutchison, the SPED Director is doing a great job of making sure that we are compliant with the rules and laws of Special Education.  She is working with the Booster staff to make sure that they are ready to get into their new portable. 

  • Dr. Doris Ellison, Director of Teaching & Learning, has worked hard to ensure that the new curriculum got in the hands of the teachers and the students.  We are excited to see the benefit of a viable curriculum. Thanks for her support and diligence in making the curriculum adoption a priority for our students.


  • All the principals are doing an amazing job of creating a sense of calm in the building.  We are getting back to normal and the students are getting in the groove of attending classes.