Superintendent GreeneA Note from the Desk of Superintendent Greene

Notes for March 1st-7th

Monday, the administration team met to review our work around how we evaluate our teachers. We specifically were looking at the way that we conduct walk-throughs during the day. We want to make sure that, no matter what building we are in, the principals are looking for and evaluating the same thing. If a teacher is receiving a proficient rating at the high school, that same teacher should be receiving a proficient at the other buildings within our district.

Tuesday, we had our entry conference with the auditors. It was really nice to sit down with him to see the areas that he is looking at. He will be here for a month, making sure that we are following all of the protocols and procedures, to ensure that we are as ficially solid as we can.

On Thursday, we started to look at staffing for next year. We are trying to tighten our belts and make sure that we are trying to increase our fund balance to an acceptable level. We will talk about this on Tuesday at our work session.

Friday, my day started with our Cowlitz Superintendent meeting. The majority of the meeting was talking about the coronavirus and the impacts that might have on schools and communities. It is nice to know that we are in agreement as a county on the information that is being shared and the way that we are sharing it. The health department was there to give us their stance on the issue and to make recommendations for us moving forward.

We have a ROCK SOLID educational system, surrounded by a ROCK SOLID community. Great work by all!!!!!