Superintendent Greene

A Note from the Desk of Superintendent Greene..

Notes for October 6th- October 12th 


  • On Monday, we met with the leader of the Southwest Washington STEM network.  Weyerhaeuser is very interested in working with our high school, in what is called a flipped internship.  During second semester, Weyerhaeuser would come in and help teach our forestry class. They would provide support for field trips and additional resources.  The hope would be that we would be their feeder program for their needs in their workforce.

  • Tuesday, I was up in Seattle at a conference about discipline.  The state wants to limit the amount of out-of-school suspensions.  We are meeting as an administrative team to go over our protocols and policies to make sure they align with what the state is telling us.  

  • On Wednesday, as an administrative team, we went over the new CREA contract page by page.  This was a great opportunity for all of us, talking about the new language. The administrative staff learned new information and it was a great chance to make sure we understand the new contract. 

  • Had a great conversation with Chris Rust, the superintendent from Toledo.  We were able to talk about our bond and levy, since he just went through this process.  We were also able to talk about the skill center and where we are with in this process. Chris and Jim were partner from the beginning with the skill center. 

  • I started riding the buses in the morning.  I have ridden the Tower Road bus and on Thursday I was able to ride the Camelot bus route. 

  • Our high school sports are doing very well this year.  All of our team sports are either in first or second place.  Great job by our student-athletes to be able to compete at a high level and still excel on the fields.

  • We have a ROCK SOLID educational system, surrounded by a ROCK SOLID community.  Great work by all!!!!!