About Jennifer Godinho, Principal

I am a dedicated and experienced educator with a passion for fostering academic growth and personal development in students. With a diverse background spanning various educational roles, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my current role as the Intermediate Principal.

Professional Journey:

  • 8 Months Long-term Substitute as a 1st Grade Teacher in Longview: I began my career as a nurturing and patient 1st-grade teacher, helping young learners take their first steps in education.
  • 20 Months at Greenhill Juvenile Prison: My commitment to education led me to work with students in challenging environments, where I strived to provide them with a second chance through education.
  • 17 Years Resource Room Teacher at R. A. Long High School: As a resource room teacher, I had the privilege of guiding students in various subjects, tailoring instruction to their individual needs with an emphasis on appropriate social skills and a lot of math instruction.
  • 3 Years Teaching 6th and 8th Grade Reading, Math, and PE: My experience teaching middle school allowed me to engage students during a crucial phase of their education, helping them build strong foundations in reading and math.
  • 15+ Years as Coach for Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball: My dedication extended beyond the classroom as I coached students in volleyball, basketball, and softball, imparting life skills through sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • 1 Year Assistant Principal at Castle Rock High School: This role prepared me for leadership, giving me insights into administrative responsibilities and the overall management of a school.
  • Going on 4th Year as Intermediate Principal: Currently, I serve as the Intermediate Principal, where I combine my teaching experience and leadership skills to provide a supportive and enriching educational environment.

Educational Background:

  • Raised in Castle Rock, I moved to Kelso in 8th grade and graduated from Kelso High School.
  • Received an A.A. at LCC while actively participating in sports, fostering a strong balance between academics and extracurricular activities.
  • Played volleyball at Central Washington University and earned a B.A. in P-8 Elementary Education with a P-12 Special Education Degree.
  • Pursued further education at City University, obtaining a Masters in Educational Technology, which enhanced my ability to integrate technology for effective learning.
  • Completed my administrative degree in the spring of 2019, equipping me with the skills needed to lead and shape educational institutions.

My journey from a classroom teacher to an accomplished educator and leader has been marked by unwavering dedication to student success. I am committed to creating a positive, innovative, and inclusive educational experience for all students under my care. Together, we’ll continue to achieve excellence and build a bright future.