Welcome to Castle Rock Preschool!

Castle Rock Preschool is a public school preschool that nurtures young learners as they grow and develop within a safe, healthy, and caring environment. Classroom activities are designed to support all areas of development in preparation for kindergarten.

A child’s growth in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development is greatly enhanced when caregivers, parents, and school staff work together to support each child’s developmental journey. You are an important part of your child’s educational journey, and parents are always welcome to visit our programs.

Why Choose Castle Rock Preschool?

  • We have a low child-to-adult ratio and high parent involvement.
  • We work in concert with the district kindergarten programs.
  • We have an integrated special education program.
  • We incorporate flexible learning groups to continuously monitor and respond to different learners.
  • We offer access to developmental screenings/child find.

How to Register

The Castle Rock Preschool is open to all children and families through the registration process.

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Castle Rock Special Services


Kassidy Beckers

Special Services Secretary

Tammy Paget

Preschool Coordinator/Teacher